The annual conference 2015 was held in Athens, Greece from 14-16 May.

”Quality Assurance in Pharmacy Education”

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Conference Proceedings

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Pre-conference workshop:

Stavros Politis – Application of Quality by Design in formulation and process Development

Anne Ettner – Updated approaches in the manufacturing and coating methodologies

Christos Reppas – In vitro evaluation with a view to intraluminal performance

Opening Ceremony

Session 1: The Socratic and other Innovative Methods of Learning

Teresa M. Garrigues – Designing service-learning projects: A tool to enhance learning and professional development through social commitment

Jörgen Bengtsson – Interactive and model driven teaching pushes students to learn

Emma Lundkvist, Ronnie Hansson – Collegial discussions as part of quality assurance of pharmacy students’ individual research project theses

A. Skowron, W. Polak, B. Wisniowska, S. Polak, J. Dymek, A. Gotda – Virtual patient in pharmacy education – How to make it work and worth

Session 2: Pharmacy Education and Training I: Listening to the Stakeholders

Evi Korakianiti – European Medicines Agency (EMA), EU

Jacqueline Surugue – Immediate Past President Hospital Pharmacy Section, FIP, France

S. Sentis, H.M. Späth, C. Vinciguerra, C. Mailhot – Implementation of a Quality Assurance Program at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Lyon, France

Ghirtis Konstantinos, Waldman-Dunham Marissa, Beleh Mustapha – Integrating Technology in a Drug Assay Course – The Use of Virtual Labs and Supporting Tools

P. Olczyk, K. Komosinska-Vassev, K. Winsz-Szczotka,t. Mencner, V. Rost, P. Jedrusik, K. Olczyk – The role of young pharmacy – The Polish pharmaceutical society students’ section in the assurance of high quality pharmacy education

Session 3: Pharmacy Education and Training II: Listening to the Students

Sandra Hočevar – European Pharmaceutical Students Association

Nicolette Sammut Bartolo, Janis Vella – University of Malta

Tarja Toropainen – Clean Room Teaching at UEF School of Pharmacy: Improvement of teaching based on student feedback

Daisy Volmer – Perception of pharmacy students towards academic education and professional role of pharmacists in Estonia

Kirsti Vainio – Supporting the study process of MSc pharmacy students in the University of Eastern Finland

Session 4: Quality Assurance in Pharmacy Education

J. Atkinson – The PHAR-QA Project (Preliminary) Results

Giuseppe Ronsisvalle – Quality Assurance in Pharmacy The Case of Italy

Lilian M. Azzopardi – EAFP Future Perspectives

Ieva Stupans – Aspects of Quality Assurance: Nationwide collaborative work around Learning Outcomes and their Assessment

Tomáš Parák – Ensuring the Quality of a study programme: Two paths to a single objective

General Assembly

Session 5: Linking Pharmacy Education, Research and Training with Employment

Ioannis Nikolakakis – European Industrial Pharmacists Group

Darragh O’Loughlin – Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union

Joan Peppard – European Association of Hospital Pharmacists

Anne Ettner – Glatt Germany

Massimo Bresciani – Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering, Austria

Keith Wilson – Aston University, UK

Faye Kosmopoulou – Panhellenic Union of Pharmaceutical Industries

Closing Session:

Lilian M. Azzopardi – University of Malta

Christian Cavé – University of Paris Sud, France

Session 6: The PHARQA Project: Partners Meeting

Kristien De Paepe – Introduction

The PHAR-QA Project (Preliminary) Results – J.Atkinson

Programme – J.Atkinson

Howard Davies – Competence frameworks in professional healthcare training

Mike Rouse – How the competencies that must be achieved by graduates impact QA issues

Agnieszka Skowron – Tool for testing the PHAR-QA model

Lilian M. Azzopardi – Soft skills in the pharmacy curriculum

Sandra Hocevar – EPSA Perspective on Soft Skills

Margarida Caramona – Implementation of soft skills in Pharmacy Curriculum

International Activities in Pharmacy – Erasmus Plus

Fotini Fryda – University of Athens, Greece

Luis Recalde – University of Granada, Spain

Renata Jachowicz – University of Kwakow, Poland

Iliou Aikaterini – University of Athens, Greece

Ioannis Kartsonakis – University of Athens, Greece

Maria Kazakou – University of Athens, Greece