EAFP is very active in driving European-wide reviews to identify practices in pharmacy education and propose models and materials that could be adopted by pharmacy schools to address challenges presented by the developments in pharmacy and in education.

EAFP offers membership in three categories:

  1. Institutional membership: Open to all institutions of higher education (universities, faculties, schools, departments or institutes) offering courses that confer upon graduates the qualifications required for the recognition as a professional pharmacist as outlined by EC regulations. Each institution is represented by one person with voting rights at the General Assembly.
  2. Associate institutional membership: Open to all institutions in Europe or elsewhere who do not confer a EU-recognized professional pharmacy degree (i.e. having no access to a regular membership). Non-EU institutions, which confer locally recognized pharmacy degrees, can apply for an associate membership.
  3. Individual membership: Open to individuals (faculty and other teaching staff), who are or have been employed in Europe or elsewhere by an Institution, which confers a locally recognized professional pharmacy degree.

Be part of academic pharmacy within the European platform!


EAFP Membership Benefits

Institutional and Individual members will be informed of the latest developments in pharmacy education and training in Europe, through informal contacts, up-to-date announcements of project results, regional conferences and – of course – our Annual Conference. All personnel of member institutions (departments, faculties, schools of Pharmacy) and individual members can participate in the Annual Conference and EAFP supported education activities at a substantially reduced fee.

In addition,  members have the privilege of placing announcements (news, conferences, training activities) and vacancies on the EAFP website free of charge. Please submit your announcements to our Secretarial Office.

Any institution, who has paid the membership fee during any year in the last three years, is officially considered an EAFP member. A link to the home page of all member institutions is provided in the EAFP website (updated annually in January). Member institutions are advised to check the links and to inform us of any necessary changes or improvements. It is also suggested that member institutions place a link to the EAFP website on their institutional home page. If you have any questions about your membership or the website links, please contact our Secretarial Office.


Membership Application

Download the Application Form and send the completed form to the EAFP Secretarial office by post or by e-mail. The annual membership fees are established by the EAFP General Assembly. Please see the Membership Application Form  for the applicable rates. After sending the completed application form to our office an official invoice, stating details of the required bank transfer, will be sent.

Postal Address:
EAFP Secretarial Office
c/o Department of Pharmacy, Univ. Malta
Msida MSD 2080

Upload the application form using the Contact Us field at the bottom of this page.