Professor Teresa Garrigues passed away on Monday afternoon February 6, 2023, after a long illness.

She was educated at the University of Valencia, Spain. She did her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Jose Maria Pla-Delfina and Prof. Adelais Martín-Vilodre, who founded the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Valencia. She did an Internship at the University of Barcelona and another one at the University of Edinburgh.  She worked with them until their retirement in pharmacokinetic modelling and design of advanced drug delivery systems. She grounded the research lab called Drug Bioavailability Optimization (DrugBiOp-lab) in 2012.
She kept studying for the rest of her life, having finalized several master and postgraduate courses specialized in statistics, law, marketing, etc. She taught the subjects Biopharmacy and Pharmacokinetics, Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmaceutical Law and Bioethics at the University of Valencia.
She was appointed Vice-Dean of Mobility in 2010 and since then, she had established more than 30 new agreements with different European Universities, allowing the School of Pharmacy to become the third Faculty of the University of Valencia in terms of mobility. She established different committees at the Faculty of Pharmacy, like academic outreach and sustainability. Nowadays, our faculty is a pioneer and very active in innovative teaching and in the implantation of sustainable development goals.
Moreover, she also collaborated extensively with Spanish companies on the development of several drug delivery systems and analysis of drugs and cosmetics.
Her cheerful, vital, and fighting character was a constant throughout her life and that is the memory we must keep. We were privileged to be able to share the day with her. The expressions of affection that were received from the faculty members and people from other Centers of the University of Valencia and along Europe, indicate ​​the scope of her personality, and it is that it was impossible not to love Teresa.

Rest in peace