EAFP was founded in 1992 by a group of pharmacy academics meeting in Paris Sud.   The mission of EAFP is to lead advancement of pharmacy education and research to reflect developments in pharmacy and the needs of society. This is achieved by facilitating contacts and collaboration between University-level schools of pharmacy, supporting member faculties in their efforts to develop effective methods of learning and teaching and developing harmonised European quality standards for the structure and outcomes of pharmacy education.

EAFP consists of Higher Education Institutions offering courses that confer upon graduates the qualifications required for the recognition as a professional pharmacist as outlined by EC regulations. In Europe the EU directive on pharmacy education standardises the minimum duration of training  which should be of at least five years duration including four years full time theoretical and practical training and six month traineeship in a pharmacy.

In 2011, there were 195 Higher Education Institutions providing pharmacy studies in 25 of the EU states with the majority of the countries having independent pharmacy faculties within a University structure.  A total of 419 353 pharmacists work in these 25 countries.