Professor Jeffrey Atkinson passed away on Monday afternoon February 6, 2023, when he had just celebrated his 80th birthday in January.

Jeffrey Atkinson was educated at Cambridge University, England and taught cardiovascular pharmacology and therapeutics at the University of California, Davis, California, USA, the “Mario Negri” Pharmacology Institute, Milan, Italy, the Medical Faculty of Lausanne University, Switzerland, and the Pharmacy Faculty of Nancy University, France since 1986.
Jeffrey Atkinson was also director of Pharmacolor Consultants Nancy (PCN)
With his wife Christine, he took over the Pharmacology laboratory of the Pharmacy Faculty of Nancy University. Thanks to his expertise in cardiovascular biology, physiology and pharmacology.he led his research group towards numerous international publications (over 200 publications) that marked the scientific community.
Morehower, he also collaborated extensively with European and American drug companies on the development of several antihypertensive drugs. He sat on the board of many industrial and government research committees in Europe, the USA and Asia.
He also installed new teaching methods in Nancy: computer-assisted teaching to replace the use of animals in practical work, the creation of a Master’s degree in Safety Pharmacology – Preclinical Expertise of Medicines which he led from 2002 to 2012.
In addition, Jeffrey Atkinson has been working as an expert and evaluator for the EU for over 15 years. He was president of European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy EAFP from 2006 to 2009. So, he was executive director of the PHARMINE project (Pharmacy Education in Europe (2008-2010) and very invested in EU consortia PHAR-QA “Quality assurance in European pharmacy education and training” and PHAR-IN “Competences for industrial pharmacy practice in biotechnology.
The academic and private actors with whom he collaborated keep wonderful memories of all the interactions and exchanges they had the chance to have with him.