The annual conference 2012 was held in Utrecht (the Netherlands) from 24-26 May.

”Tradition and Innovation in Pharmacy Education: from content to process”

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Conference proceedings

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Opening session: Bart Rombaut (EAFP, Brussels)
Welcome: Ton de Boer (Utrecht)
Session 1: Current pharmacist competences and consequences for the curriculum
Andries Koster (Utrecht): Knowledge, skills and professional behaviour in one curriculum: making hard choices.
Myriah Lesko (FIP, the Hague): Worldwide trends in pharmacy education
Simon White (Newcastle-under-Lyme): Development of an educational framework for pharmacists, doctors and nurses in Europe for managing and supporting medicines adherence.
Jeffrey Atkinson (Pharmine, Nancy):Integration of the industry/research component in pharmaceutical education.
Session 2: How to better integrate basic science in the pharmacy curriculum
Keith Wilson (Birmingham): Moving to a clinical curriculum. Educational challenges and national drivers in an English perspective.
Paul Rutter (Wolverhampton): A UK perspective on curriculum integration.
Anne Juppo (Helsinki):Constructive alignment in specialisation studies in industrial pharmacy in Finland.
Lilian Azzopardi (Malta): Student perceptions of drugs that changed the world.
Session 3: How to accommodate new skills in the curriculum
Paul Gallagher (Dublin): Skills development for interns as part of the national pharmacy internship programme in Ireland.
Mariana Landin-Perez (Santiago/Compostela): Don’t change what is good: old labs for a new training.
Julie Brooks (Birmingham):  Using video technology to improve student’s decision making skills in clinical pharmacy.
Valentina Petkova (Sofia): Pharmaceutical practice and pharmacy education in Bulgaria in a 70 years perspective.
Session 4: How to introduce inter-professionalism
Jane Nicholson (EIPG, Slough): Introducing inter-professional education into the undergraduate pharmacy syllabus.
Andrea Manfrin (Rochester): Trends, challenges and opportunities for clinical pharmacists.
Louise Winnecke Jensen (Copenhagen): Focus on collaboration: the need, aim, and opportunities in interprofessional education.
General Assembly and Pharmine follow-up
Bart Rombaut, Jose Morais, Karin Ulshagen (EAFP): annual report 2011
Jeffrey Atkinson (Pharmine): report 2012
Annual conference 2013: Ankara
Session 5: Teaching the teachers
Olle ten Cate (Utrecht): Develop your faculty! Why? Lessons from medical schools.
Giuseppe Ronsisvalle (Catania): Correspondence and adequacy between skills acquired and workload in comparison with professional requirement.
Wendy Gaudet (White Rock): Description and application of an evidence-based approach to developing professionalism in the curriculum.
Phar-QA kick-off: Jeffrey Atkinson (Pharmine, Nancy)