EAFP 2014 Book of Abstracts

The annual conference 2014 was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 22-24 May.

”Science-based pharmacy education: Towards better medicines and patient care”

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Conference Proceedings

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Opening Ceremony

Session 1: Pharmacy Education Triangle: Linking Education, Science and Stakeholders

Daan Crommelin – Pharmacy Education Triangle: Linking education, science and stakeholders: Scenario analyses

Lilian M.Azzopardi  – Pharmacy education supporting pharmaceutical healthcare delivery settings

Nina Katajavuori – Curriculum reform  at the Faculty of Pharmacy

Session 2: Wider Horizons for Pharmacists

Borut Božič – Laboratory medicine as one of the pharmacists’ competences

Roger Schibli – Radiopharmacy

Mirjana Gasperlin – University undergraduate study of Cosmetology at Faculty of Pharmacy: Why and how?

Samo Kreft  Teaching complementary and alternative medicine at pharmaceutical faculty: Why and how?

Zoran Sterjev – Development of pharmacogenetics skills for pharmacists from the Republic of Macedonia

Session 3: Embracing New Drugs, Technologies, Deliver Systems into Curricula

Romana Zelko – Embracing new technologies and delivery systems into the pharmacist curriculum of the Semmelweis University

Franc Vrečer – Value of industrial experience transfer into pharmacy curriculum

Irena Mlinarič-Raščan – Personalized medicines

Marina Knezović – EPSA presentation

Session 4: Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Care: Education and Research

Mitja Kos – Evidence based clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care

Margarida Caramona – Clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care research in practice: challenges and opportunities

Aleš Mrhar – Translation of clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care research into practice: Slovenian case

Alena Petříková – Recording of pharmacy activities – what do the students really do during the six-month practice?

Session 5: Pharmaceutical Networking

Magda Chlebus – From IMI to IMI2 new models of collaborative research

Svetlana Ibrić – Project presentation: Linking Industry and Academia in Teaching Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacture: LIAT-Ph

Karmela Barišić – Central European Exchange Program for University Studies (CEEPUS) – A joy of networking

Jeffrey Atkinson – Scientific research output in EU and US pharmacy departments

Antonio Sánchez-Pozo – Linking Education, Science and Stakeholders: The Bioenterprise master experience