EAFP invites creative individuals (in particular pharmacy students, teachers, or relatives) to submit designs for an updated, visually attractive, website. Submissions by professional graphical or website design firms/companies will not be taken into consideration.

Submissions (deadline extended to November 30 2023) will be evaluated by the EAFP executive committee and the winning design will be awarded with the amount of 1000 Euro; the name of the designer will be mentioned in the website after implementation.

Submissions should consist of a visual presentation of at least a Home Page, a generic Page, and a generic Posting, including layout, font specifications, line spacing, use of colours, use of media (photos, videos), and use of interactive elements. Consider that the functionality of the website must be similar to the existing website, but visually modern and attractive. Only a visual design is required; no technical details are required or considered. Implementation of the design is entrusted to a professional website hosting company afterwards.

Submitted designs will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Visually attractive, professional appearance;
  • Engaging to the intended audience of pharmacy educators;
  • Consistent use of colours, fonts (sizes, bold/italic), line spacing, etc.;
  • Recognizable and consistent use of interactive elements (links etc.);
  • Logically organized page layout and clear website navigation.

Designs must be sent as one document (PDF-format), containing the following sections:
[a] the design specification with examples of different pages/postings as described above;
[b] a note explaining the rationale behind the design choices made;
[c] personal details (name, address, e-mail address) of the designer;
[d] a signed letter-of-endorsement by an EAFP member institution representative, i.e. a teacher, affiliated to one of the EAFP member institutions (consult the website).
Please note that incomplete submissions will not be taken into consideration.

Submissions can be sent by 30 November 2023 to our secretarial office, Dr. Janis Vella Szijj (janis.vella@um.edu.mt); a confirmation of receipt will be returned. The final decision by the Executive Committee about the awarded design will be made and communicated before January 1st, 2024.

A pdf-version of this text can be downloaded [document opens in a separate window]