The annual conference 2017 was held in Helsinki, Finland from 17-19 May.

“Multidisciplinary Learning in Pharmacy Education”

Conference Proceedings:

Opening session

Chairs: Lilian M. Azzopardi and Jouni Hirvonen

16.00-16.30       Opening words
Rector of the University of Helsinki, Professor Jukka Kola
President of the EAFP, Professor Lilian M. Azzopardi
Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Dean, Professor Jouni Hirvonen
16.30-17.00       Plenary Lecture: Sari Lindblom, Vice Rector, Professor of Higher Education, University of
Helsinki, Finland. Outcome-based curriculum reform of the University of Helsinki
17.00-17.25       Plenary Lecture: Michael J.A. Rouse, Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE),
Chicago, USA. Experiences of ACPE in the US and international outreach
17.25-17.50       Plenary Lecture: Hubertus Cranz, AESGP Director General, Association of Self-Medication
Industry, Brussels, Belgium. Self-care and the future role of pharmacists

18.00-19.30 Welcome Reception, Helsinki City Hall

Thursday, May 18th

Inter-Disciplinary Pharmacy Education

Session I:   Patient-Centered Pharmacy Education
Chairs Lilian M. Azzopardi and Daisy Volmer

9.00-9.25     Plenary Lecture: Fernando Fernandez-Llimos, University of Lisbon, Portugal. Defining educational contents in a patient-centered education curriculum
9.25-9.50      Plenary Lecture: Raluca Radu, European Pharmacy Students Association EPSA, Brussels,
Belgium. Patient-centered care – students’ perspective

9.50-10.05     Oral Presentation: Teresa M. Garrigues, University of Valencia, Spain. Interprofessional learning by advanced clinical simulation
10.05-10.20   Oral Presentation: Emma Lundkvist, Uppsala University, Sweden. OSCE as an assessment method in a course regarding pharmacotherapy in self-treatment
10.20-10.35   Oral Presentation: Bilge Sözen-Sahne, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey. A conversation analytic investigation into pharmacy students’ interactional practices before and after their internship

10.35-11.15 Coffee and Posters

Session II:    Pharmaceutical Sciences Oriented Education
Chairs Dimitrios Rekkas and Leena Peltonen

11.15-11.40    Plenary Lecture: Irma Meijerman, PhD, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. How to train
students to become creative pharmaceutical researchers
11.40-12.05   Plenary Lecture: Tommy Johansen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Redesign and implementation of curricula within pharmaceutical sciences in Copenhagen (FARMA-2020)
12.05-12.20  Oral Presentation: Andries Koster, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Curriculum mapping of European pharmacy curricula using the European pharmacy competences framework
12.20-12.35  Oral Presentation: Janis Vella, University of Malta, Malta. Introducing a toxicology perspective in a pharmaceutical analysis course

12.35-13.30      Lunch and Posters
13.30-14.30     General Assembly
14.30-15.00     25th Anniversary of EAFP
Jose Morais Guimares, Emeritus Professor, University of Lisbon, Portugal. Evolving Regulatory Standards in Europe
15.00-16.00    I Deans Forum
15.00-16.30   II Poster walk

15.00-16.30    Coffee and Posters

Session III:     Teaching Methodology and Programme Design
Chairs Andries Koster and Luis Recalde

16.30-16.55     Plenary Lecture: Nina Katajavuori, PhD, University of Helsinki, Finland. Outcome-based curriculum reform of the Faculty of Pharmacy
16.55-17.10     Oral Presentation: Tomas Parák, University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno,
Czech Republic. Engaging pharmacists in medical, prophylactic and diagnostic treatment
17.10-17.25      Oral Presentation: Henrik Ehlers, University of Helsinki, Finland. Re-education of adult learners to Bachelors of Pharmacy in Oulu, Finland
19.30–23.00    Conference Dinner

Friday, May 19th

Session IV: Hands-On Interactive Learning
Chairs Sari Lindblom and Nina Katajavuori
8.30-10.30    New trends in evidence-based pharmacy education

Session V: Quality Enhancement
Chair Dimitrios Rekkas and Daisy Volmer

8.30-10.30  Quality Assurance in Education
8.30-8.45     Oral Presentation: Dimitrios Rekkas, University of Athens, Greece. How pharmacy curricula
could meet the needs of all the stakeholders
8.45-9.00     Oral Presentation: Daisy Volmer, University of Tartu, Estonia. Evaluation of pharmacy
curriculum at the University of Tartu based on the PHAR-QA ECF model

10.30-11.00     Coffee

Session VI: Summary and Future Perspectives
Chairs Lilian M. Azzopardi and Andries Koster
11.00-11.50   Round-table discussion: EAFP, EAHP, PGEU, AACP, EIPG, EPSA, COIFFA
11.50-12.00  Closing Remarks