The annual conference 2013 was held in Ankara (Turkey) from 16-18 May.

”Curriculum Optimization, Towards Learning Outcomes: Practical Experiences”

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Conference proceedings

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Session 1: What are Learning Outcomes?

Andries Koster (the Netherlands): How to use learning outcomes for curriculum development

Peep Veski (Estonia): Learning outcomes for undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy studies

Lilian M. Azzopardi (Malta) : Supporting students to develop lifelong learning skills

Eyad Qunaibi (Jordan): Pharmacy clinical course incorporating home medication reviews

Session 2: Preparing Students for new Pharmacy Services

Buket Aksu (Turkey): New horizons of pharmacy in 21st century

Julienne Johnson (UK): Reflections on clinical pharmacy aspects of curriculum development

Arman Uney (Turkey): Pharmacy and professional continuing education

Sibel Suzen (Turkey): Developments in pharmacy education in Turkey

Session 3: Achieving new Learning Outcomes with Innovative Teaching Methods

Annemarie Heersche (the Netherlands): GIMMICS: a bridge between academic learning and community pharmacy 

Ruth E. Nemire (USA): The technology conundrum in health professions education

Session 4: Translating Competences into the Curricula

Jeffrey Atkinson (Pharmine, France): Quality assurance of competences

Isabel Waltering (Germany) : Medication review and clinical pharmacy in community pharmacies, a new training for pre-registration students

Alice Ceacareanu (USA): Addressing forecasted oncologist shortage: A cancer education program for pharmacy students

Belma Kocer (Turkey) : National accreditation board for pharmacy education in Turkey

Session 5: Lifelong Learning as a Learning Outcome

Giuseppe Ronsisvalle (Italy): Pharmacy continiung professional development: Professional vs managerial vs cross-functional skills – A difficult blending

Jouni Hirvonen (Finland) Working-life relevant curriculum development – Defining the learning outcomes in collaboration with faculty members, pharmacy students and external stakeholders

Arzu Onay-Besikci (Turkey) : Using drugs rationally: What did we learn? How do we utilize our knowledge

Erem Bilensoy (Turkey): EUFEPS for Pharmaceutical sciences education, training, collaboration and policy

Ronnie Hansson (Sweden): What do we know about our students and how can we use that knowledge?

International Student Session: Expectations of Students from Pharmacy Education

Tija Metiainen (EPSA, President): EPSA educational portfolio

Jorge Batista (EPSA, Vice President of Education): Expectations of pharmacy students

Radoslaw Mitura (IPSF, President): IPSF and its educational efforts

Burcu Kelleci (H.U. Faculty of Pharmacy, student): Pharmacy education in Turkey

Göktuğ Mert Karalti (A.U. Faculty of Pharmacy, TPAYC President, student): Expectations of pharmacy education

Enver Kaan Atikeler (A.U. Faculty of Pharmacy, Postgraduate student): Graduate opportunities for pharmacy students