New Chapter in Patient Care 2019 – Medication Review in the Era of Digital Care

2019, November 27-30

The conference series was initiated in 2017 in Võru, Estonia and focused on introduction of medication use review (MUR) service to practicing pharmacists, GPs and nurses. This time the conference will be held in Narva-Jõesuu (Estonia). We are moving on with MUR and besides discuss about new initiatives in community pharmacy services, medicines optimisation, apothecary intelligence and new IT solutions supporting professional activities of pharmacists in different settings. We will be happy to introduce results of the pilot study evaluating implementation of MUR service at community pharmacies in Estonia. Our Baltic colleagues have already joined the project as well as some more countries – all together about 10. There is a special section to present, discuss and share experiences on MUR implementation in the pilot project countries.  This conference offers a pre-conference interactive WS about pharmacists´ involvement in patient care process and identification of drug related problems. 

For more information about the conference please visit a website

Please feel free to spread the flyer for this conference. Be welcome to Estonia!